Over the course of several weeks this spring, scholars from William & Mary and across the globe will engage the campus community as part of a new series devoted to the Middle East.

“Members of our campus community have been asking for an opportunity to thoughtfully engage these topics and we are very thankful to the faculty who planned and organized this series and made it a reality,” said Suzanne Raitt, dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences. “The intent is to continue to foster informed conversations among our students, faculty and staff .”

“Scholarly Perspectives: Spring 2024 Series on the Middle East,” was initiated by a faculty consortium of members from anthropology, Asian and Middle Eastern studies, global studies, government, history, Judaic studies and international relations, said Raitt. Arts & Sciences and the Reves Center for International Studies are supporting the series.

“There is something I deeply appreciate about William & Mary. It is the way we value the connections between research, teaching, learning and living–as a way of understanding the world. This series is an example of those kinds of connections,” said Teresa Longo, executive director of the Reves Center and professor of Hispanic Studies.

The series kicked off Feb. 15 and includes six community conversations through April 12.

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