Jamel K. Donnor, an associate professor in the School of Education with faculty affiliations in American StudiesAsian & Pacific Islander American (APIA) Studies and the William & Mary Law School’s Center for Racial & Social Justice, has been named a top Edu-Scholar by Education Week.

The Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings, now in their 12th year, were created by Rick Hess, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and the director of the think tank’s Education Policy Studies. The rankings aim to recognize the 200 university-based scholars who have had the biggest influence on educational practice and policy over the previous year. From the pool of more than 20,000 university-based faculty in the U.S. researching education, these scholars are chosen by a selection committee of fellow education scholars.  

The rankings are calculated using nine publicly available metrics to determine the impact of faculty work in the field of education. The rankings reflect scholars’ output across traditional academic media, including how often their work is included in university syllabi, as well as mentions in newspapers, media outlets focused on education, and social media.

Donnor’s work focuses on race and inequality in education, covering an array of topics including critical race theory, school desegregation, intercollegiate athletics and affirmative action in higher education. His most recent article, “White Fear, White Flight, the Rules of Racial Standing and Whiteness as Property: Why Two Critical Race Theory Constructs are Better Than One,” was published in the journal Education Policy.

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