Portrait of French & Francophone studies senior lecturer Angela Leruth.

W&M honors Angela Leruth with Aceto Award

Angela Leruth, senior lecturer of French & Francophone studies, is awarded for her commitment to excellence in service to the campus community.
Jeff Kaplow teaching
Research & Scholarship

Q&A: Making sense of Russia’s suspension of nuclear arms agreement

Jeff Kaplow, assistant professor of government at W&M and the director of NukeLab at the Global Research Institute, discusses the implications of Vladimir Putin’s decision to suspend Russia’s involvement in the New START nuclear arms…
Ukrainian flag
Research & Scholarship

Q&A: Prosecuting Russian war crimes in Ukraine

William & Mary Assistant Professor of Government and human rights advocate Kelebogile Zvobgo provides insight into how these offenses will be prosecuted.
Surveillance balloon
Research & Scholarship

Q&A: A high-altitude balloon and its impact on US-China relations

Dennis Alcides Velazco Smith, senior lecturer of government and co-director of W&M’s Project on International Peace and Security (PIPS), joins W&M News to discuss the impact of China’s suspected intelligence gathering via balloon.
Portrait of Matthew Smith
University News

Q&A: Setting goals with continuous improvement in mind

New Assistant Provost for Institutional Accreditation & Effectiveness Matthew J. Smith leads institutional effectiveness and change efforts at William & Mary, ensuring compliance with accreditation and state council oversight requirements.
Dinner table convo graphic
Research & Scholarship

Settle: Talking politics isn’t as easy as pie

Engaging in political conversation at the dinner table has long been considered a risky proposition. But there’s a time and place for healthy discourse.