People holding sticks stand in a river.
Research & Scholarship

Summer research deepens interests, sharpens purpose

For the more than 270 undergraduates who received 2024 Charles Center summer research grants, May through August is a period of profound discovery, personal mentorship, and meaningful connection.
An illustration shows a car plugged into an outlet, wind turbines, and a tractor on a hill
Service & Community

Sustainable solutions

W&M alumni find opportunities and challenges in the growing field of renewable energy.
An aerial view of a building with solar panels on its roof.
Service & Community

Energized for the future

Estes Express Lines advances sustainability initiatives while coping with technology "growing pains."
A leaf sitting atop water
Research & Scholarship

Humans drive climate change by altering freshwater decomposition

Humans are increasing the rate at which organic matter decomposes in freshwater ecosystems around the world, speeding up natural processes that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and threaten biodiversity.
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Research & Scholarship

Reves Center announces 2024 Faculty Fellows

This year's projects range across disciplines and regions, from biology to public policy, and from the Republic of Georgia to Japan.
Abby Hazelgrove '24 kayaks the Crim Dell pond looking for jellyfish
University News

W&M Green Fee funds 13 projects to advance sustainability

The projects will advance W&M's sustainability through academic research, educational opportunities, and improved technologies and operational systems.  
Rin Braxton '26 (far right) discusses methods of transcription in socio-linguistic research with members of William & Mary's Council of Arts & Sciences in a digital poster session in the fourth annual WMSURE Research Conference.
Research & Scholarship

WMSURE conference highlights self-evolution through research

More than 30 undergraduate presenters highlighted the role of mentored research in inspiring and driving their self-evolution, the theme of this year’s conference.
Two people stand among plants in a greenhouse
Research & Scholarship

W&M undergraduate researchers take on climate change

Two William & Mary undergraduates are throwing their lab coats in the ring to identify potential solutions to the most pressing environmental concerns of our time.
A blurry figure of a woman stands in front of an older home across a field
University News

A return for Willie Anne Wright ’45

William & Mary's Muscarelle Museum of Art acquires works by renowned pinhole photographer and painter whose talent was encouraged as a student.
Two people sit on a stage

Truth and ‘Fiction’

Oscar winner Cord Jefferson ’04 shares career advice during the Ampersand International Arts Festival.
A student proudly wears a Students for University Advancement t-shirt, showing the writing on the back.
University News

Tradition and generosity abound

More than $3.7M raised for over 880 designations across campus on One Tribe One Day.