Dear William & Mary Community,

The university will conduct a test of its emergency notification system on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022 at 12:15 p.m. The drill will include both a test of the campus-wide siren system and the mass notification messaging system.

The mass notification system allows the university to send messages in instances of a campus-wide emergency, a natural disaster, or inclement weather. If you have not yet enrolled in the system, you may do so through this contact form in Banner. 

The 120-decibel siren system is stationed above the Integrated Science Center, William & Mary Law School on South Henry Street and the School of Education building off Monticello Avenue. In the event of a real emergency, you should check for information and instructions at if you hear the siren.

We’d like to highlight for new students, and remind returning students, that additional information regarding the university’s emergency response planning, along with other emergency resources, is available through our Emergency Response Guide and Emergency Operations Plan.

Members of the campus and local community can also follow emergency news through the William & Mary News Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the free W&M mobile app.


Ginger Ambler, EMT Co-Chair
Deb Cheesebro, EMT Co-Chair
William & Mary