The following message was sent to students from the Vice President of Student Affairs Ginger Ambler on April 19, 2023 – Ed.

Dear Students,

Spring is here – and so is a new chalking and posting policy. Such policies affirm our community’s shared commitment to “embrace diverse people and perspectives” in “an open academic environment” (W&M Statement of Values).

The Posting and Chalking on Campus Policy was updated at the beginning of the semester and sets out guidelines for how students can use designated areas on campus to communicate about events and engage in expressive activity. The policy balances the interests of speakers with those of the rest of the community by identifying locations and acceptable practices for posting flyers, banners and chalking.  Questions or concerns about whether a particular posting or message complies with the policy should be directed to Please be aware that defacing or removing someone else’s posting is itself a violation of the policy and could result in disciplinary action. Where conduct is also deemed a violation of law, it will be referred to WMPD for investigation as appropriate.


Ginger Ambler


Virginia M. Ambler ’88, Ph.D. ‘06

Vice President for Student Affairs

William & Mary