The following message was sent to the campus April 12, 2023 community from the university’s Emergency Management Team – Ed.

Dear William & Mary community –

One of the duties of the university’s Emergency Management Team is to continually evaluate the functionality of system components and run full-system tests three times per year (each semester and once over the summer). Currently, we have two upgrades to this system underway.

  1. Emergency Siren System. Installation of new sirens began in March and will continue throughout the end of the semester. We expect the new system to be operational this summer. The next full-system test will occur in June and is scheduled to include the new sirens.


  • Expanded coverage – nine siren locations across campus instead of three
  • PA system – voice messages can be broadcast across campus
  • New technology/increased compatibility
  1. Rave Guardian App. Since August 2014 the university has been transitioning from the static e-phone (Blue Light) system to a mobile, “Blue Light in your pocket” functionality currently provided through the Rave Guardian App. As the static units across campus age out and become unrepairable we mark them out-of-order. Those units will be removed over the summer. A core set of units will remain in areas of campus where cell service is less dependable.

The Rave Guardian app is free through either the App Store or Google Play. This safety app also complements the university’s Crisis Manager app, which provides easy access to the university’s emergency response guide and is also available via the App Store and Google Play.


  • Blue Light functionality is closer – at the tip of your fingers
  • Provides police with geolocation of the caller
  • Photos can be sent to police via the app

As you know, the university uses the Emergency Notification System for communication during emergency events on campus. These events can range from an active threat to weather emergencies. More information about the Emergency Notification System is available on the Emergency Management section of the university’s website. Students are automatically registered through Banner. Other members of the campus community not already in the system may sign-up through Banner self-service.

Any emergency may also be reported by dialing 911 or calling William & Mary Police directly at 757-221-4596.

EMT Co-Chairs,

Deb Cheesebro, William & Mary Police Chief and Associate Vice President for Public Safety

Ginger Ambler, Vice President for Student Affairs