The following message was sent to the campus community following action by the Board of Visitors – Ed.Dear William & Mary Community,

Today the W&M Board of Visitors endorsed a long-term, comprehensive plan to modernize and revitalize the university’s residential and dining facilities. The plan, spanning three phases over 10 years, helps ensure W&M’s facilities advance the integration of learning and living on campus.

National studies suggest that students who live in residence halls benefit in myriad ways. They are more likely to graduate (and take less time to do so) and are more engaged with faculty members. They build stronger relationships with classmates, and report a higher level of satisfaction with their college experience overall. Residential students are more involved in campus life than their off-campus peers, are exposed to a wider range of cultures and ideas, and ultimately feel an enhanced sense of belonging and lifelong connection.

These benefits motivated William & Mary to extend the on-campus residence requirement to sophomores a few years ago. Offering a highly residential experience also carries a responsibility to provide quality living and dining spaces that meet student needs. At present, W&M’s residential halls average 54 years old, while dining halls are an average of 42 years old. Over the course of the next ten years, 80% of our residence halls will be renovated or replaced through new construction. Our goal at every stage is to meet the needs of today’s students through modern functionality and design, climate control, and technology infrastructure. Our campus residences will also include expanded spaces for formal and informal gatherings, enhancing the sense of community that makes W&M such a special place to live and learn.

The comprehensive facilities plan is designed to enhance the quality of a W&M education for all residential students, including graduate students. You can find more information at W&M News announcing the plan, as well as on the project page, which includes our presentation, the Board resolution and a FAQ.


Ginger Ambler
Vice President for Student Affairs

Amy Sebring
Chief Operating Officer