The William & Mary Board of Visitors Friday approved tuition rates for the university’s general graduate programs, W&M Law School and the Raymond A. Mason School of Business.

Tuition for undergraduate students is set in the spring when the Board approves the budget. 

Friday’s tuition action on graduate programs and professional schools, which is consistent with the university’s six-year plan, is the result of analysis of the cost of programs along with comparisons to market competition. The increase in general graduate tuition will amount to $389 more for full-time in-state students and $1,047 for full-time out-of-state students. Part-time tuition will increase by $22 and $58 for in-state and out-of-state students, respectively.

New rates at the law school will be $33,252 in-state and $51,279 out-of-state for second-year students and $33,252 in-state and $49,172 out-of-state for third-year students, while the rate for first-year students will be reset at $36,418 for in-state and $58,604 for out-of-state.

According to Friday’s resolution, “The law school continues to minimize the impact to existing students by applying a larger increase to incoming students to address market competitiveness while reducing class sizes, expanding financial aid, recruiting and retaining top faculty, increasing student support and advancing in rankings.

“Setting tuition early in the admissions cycle is important to our graduate and professional schools in crafting financial aid packages and optimizing student yield.”

Increases to Raymond A. Mason School of Business programs, according to the resolution, are largely a result of two factors – market analysis comparing W&M’s tuition to competitors and the increased costs of delivering programs. Next year’s tuition rates at the business school have been set at $29,915 in-state and $40,947 out-of-state for the master of accounting program, $30,391 in-state and $41,660 out-of-state for the M.B.A. program, $39,690 in-state and $47,078 out-of-state for the M.S. in business analytics program, $120,750 for the executive M.B.A. program and $53,500 for the military M.B.A. program. 

The Board will adopt comprehensive fees for students of all schools at its regularly scheduled meeting in April 2023.

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